Monday, September 05, 2005

Week 1 (August 28 to September 3)

We're here! Its been one week and we have a cutesy apartment in Ouchy (down by the lake) with a tiny refrigerator and everything. Here's the view from our pad:

And Nidhi cooking and Dave eating. Typical.

This week we got settled in and sorted out. We faced some major sticker shock (the cheapest shower curtain we could find was 20 Francs! ~$17) and have started to come to grips with just how wealthy this country is - the minimum wage is 15 Francs! We're the poorest people in town :). Everything is beautiful and everyone is nice. C'est tres jolie!

We've also been to a couple of really nice dinners with friends. Saturday we had crepes with Anh-Thi and Klaus (Fabien's housemates), Sunday we had fondue with Fabien, Yannick, and Steve (we are going to be huge when we get back). Today (Saturday #2), Steve, Yannick, and Fabien took us for a hike near Steve's chalet in the mountains (called Bellevue). It was quite the hike for peenie me. Here's some photos and here's really nice video of the mountains from the top: [link]

Nice, huh? Then for lunch we went for some typical swiss food in the middle of nowhere. (We had to hike to get there!) Here's the lunch and the bull we had to fight to get to lunch. Nidhi was scared but Fabien showed it who was boss.


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I miss you guys.

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