Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Week 2 (September 4 to 10)

This week we got to see a soap box derby - just one block away - sponsored by Red Bull. They had a bunch of wacky vehicles and passengers whipping down the road that were judged for wackiness and speed. They took all day about it though. There were maybe 20 soap box entrants and by the time they got to the last few, hardly anybody cared. The guy on the loud speaker was screaming his head off for no reason, too, and we couldn't think straight in our apartment.

Here's a candidate; you be the judge.

Then Wednesday night we watched "What's up doc" at Chris's house and had some nice lasagna. Thursday night is non-movie night at Markus's house, but this time we actually watched a movie ("Crash"). It was so good we stayed past the last metro, which was not so good. Its over an *hour* walk home from Markus's place by EPFL and we didn't get home til 2am. Markus and Chris took some pictures; hopefully we'll get our hands on those soon.

Also, Thursday Dave got his butt whupped running with some regulars. They did the "Trois Collines" (three hills) run around EPFL and I guess its pretty tough time. Especially when they go, at 11:30. Freaks! Its soooo hot at that hour.

We spent Friday night in the worst way: at McDonalds trying to download the season premiere of the OC (the McD's has IPASS wireless). And we got 97.4% of the way through and then it died. It sucked horribly. So we wen't back the next day to try again and..bum ba bum! Same thing! Oh yeah, Saturday was a bad day at Ch. du Funiculaire 4 (2eme etage).

Saturday morning was nice though; we walked around the Centre Ville with its cutesy farmer's market (meanwhile, we were desperately looking for the big Migros, which we passed three times before we saw it). Here's some snaps from the morning. Nice picture of the cathedral. And the giant tower.

Then Sunday we did our almost daily walk around Ouchy. It was a really nice clear day and we could see pretty far. We jog along the waterfront in the mornings.

And here's France (Evian, to be precise. Like the bottled water. The very same.)

And Sunday night we had the guys around for some good old fashioned Poker and Beer and Pizza. We made fries and pizza which turned out quite well on giant Italian loaves. Fabien kicked our butts hanging on to the lucky fours.

Lastly, we booked tickets to go to Paris this weekend! We're going to see Emilie for dinner on Sunday.


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