Monday, September 26, 2005

Week 3 (September 11 - 17)

We have discovered some wildlife along our metro stop -- foxes! Yep, they live behind some trees where nobody ever goes. We've only seen them once but they seem like a friendly enough couple.

Tuesday we got together with Imad and his friend Dani to watch Seinfeld: I'm telling you for the last time. It was really funny and we stuffed our faces with popcorn (home made!) and lebanese nuts (no, not imad). Wednesday we went to Markus's house again but still no pictures. It was really nice: just the two of us, Markus, and ... and... somebody else. We had really good peanut butter and jelly toasted sandwiches.

Thursday, September 15 was our 3 year anniversary. While I went out jogging, Dave snuck out to the Coop and got a yummy breakfast and flowers. Which he kept hidden away and I wasn't able to find them despite my hunting efforts (I knew he was up to no good!). If you look closely you can see my pain au chocolat.

Then, that evening we went to a local German pub with Fabien, Yannick, and Steve (Steve is leaving for a 3 month holiday to Asia). The beverage of choice was the Berlinoise: a sweet syrupy beer in a goblet into which you pour hefeweizen beer.

We were in Paris over the weekend since it was our anniversary and because it happened to be a long weekend (Monday was "un jour ferie"). We took the TGV from Lausanne directly to Gare de Lyon in Paris -- the trip took only 4 hours and was quite pleasant. Paris itself was freezing but we didn't let it get in our way. We did all the standard touristy stuff (the Louvre, a cruise on the Seine, Notre Dame etc.). On Sunday we went to Versailles and met Emilie for dinner which was very nice. Here are some pics:

Notre Dame:

Seine at Sunset

Infront of Paris's Phallus

And at night

Walking down the Seine

At Versailles:


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