Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Weeks 6/7 (Oct 7 to Oct 21)

This week Dave left for San Francisco/LA and then NY, so not much is up. The weekend before he left we went to a Mexican restaurant with Jim and accidentally had a meat burrito. Yum! But it was an accident. Also we watched the Grand Challenge and saw CMU get beaten by stanford. That really sucked. Here are some pics from our walk around Ouchy. The olympic museum had some kind of Kids Sports expo.

Human Foosball:

Then on Sunday we went to the park up in the North part of the city. Really pretty, had some sandwiches, climbed the tower. They had pigs and ducks there too.

The tower:

Then Dave left and Nidhi went out to Markus's and all that. On the weekend I went to Zurich with Katja. Unfortunately, I got sick that morning and stupidly decided to go to Zurich anyway. And ended up in the hospital with bad stomach pains. They did lots of tests and pumped me full of pain killers but in then end couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was fine the next day though so they let me go.

Look what they did to my hand!

And my hospital bed and the view from my room.

We'd only planned on spending the day, so Katja left on Saturday night for Geneva (I was chilling out in my cozy bed with personal TV). On sunday I left at noon and went straight to the zoo (the whole reason we'd gone to Zurich in the first place). Check out the rhino:

And that was pretty much that. That week I partied at Markus's, just in time for Dave to come home on Friday.


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