Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We are really going. For real.

We bought our tickets! We leave on August 26 (Friday) and arrive the next day, early morning. Then we leave (boo) January 10th. In between, who knows?

Apartment hunting is coming along well suddenly. We have two possibilities, both in Ouchy in a good location and at a reasonable price. We'll take the first one that tells us where we need to sign.

Also, Dave and I went shopping over the weekend and just made our very first purchase for Switzerland! A set of lovely plastic dishes, pictured left.

Our New Dishes

Lastly and most importantly, the guys that have been pulling the strings for us: from left to right, Yannick, Fabien, Steve, and Imad.
Yannick, Fabien, and Steve

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Finding an Apartment

Finding an apartment in Lausanne is no easy task in general. It doesn't help that we're coming at an odd time (September 1 to January 1) and there's two of us and we're searching remotely.

A lot of websites have been really useful for finding listings:

And a good website for finding streets:

But, we still don't have anything. Our friends have been particularly helpful by looking at places we think would be really good. Here's yannick's latest report on a place that Mrs. Hosszu rents for odd periods of time. If the timing and price work out, I think we'll take it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Going to Lausanne

It was two years ago that Dave and I first thought it would be fun to do an internship in Europe somewhere (preferably French-speaking so we could be chou-chou). In January my sister and I went to Italy for a trip and yadda yadda, Dave and I will be going to EPFL in Lausanne as visiting researchers in the fall. Dave will be working with Roland Siegwart and I'll be working with Alcherio Martinoli.